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The film is a testimony to the collaborative effort of women to bring to the screen a difficult and hard-hitting story of our times. We hope the film stirs up a dialogue so that more areas of trafficking are heard and addressed. It is not enough to ‘rescue’ a girl after she is trafficked; it is as important to find ways to prosecute and get convictions. Survivors deserve to be rehabilitated and reintegrated into our society with dignity and livelihood options.

In order to achieve that we have an extensive Impact Plan with the following Goals-

- To discuss and mitigate the role of middlemen in the trafficking nexus. Who appear either with a job offer or fixing a marriage

- To involve anti-trafficking stakeholders like Border Security Force, and young people in community initiatives that are interventional by sharing the inspiring stories 

- To accept and embrace survivors and their stories for change, so they no longer face stigma and shame for having been trafficked but find their own unique way to work in the anti-trafficking space. 

We commenced our first round of Impact Screening in August 2022. We screened the films in the areas we shot along with our characters. 

Fulbari – Indo Bangladesh border

Screenings at the Border Security Force (BSF) HQ in Siliguri

Screenings at the Border Security Force (BSF) HQ in Siliguri

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Girls High School

Our character - Seema Saha, at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Girls High School in Siliguri. She won bravery awards for preventing child marriages and mapping her area for safe and unsafe zones for girls.

It has been 3 years since we shot with her, and now she has completed her graduation and works as a journalist for a local newspaper. She whizzes around on a motorbike as she covers stories from Siliguri.

Revisiting her school, and showing her story to the principal on a laptop and her younger schoolmates on a small projection on a peeling school wall was an inspiring experience. She is a wonderful speaker and role model for other girls from her school and neighbourhood.

Child in Need Institute (CINI)

She addressed about trafficking and the nexus that might be within one’s own community or family on the pretext of child marriage.

Even the quiet teenagers began to smile and open up with questions and shared anecdotes.

Seema, at CINI, an NGO working with underprivileged children. Seema has a direct, strong connection with teenagers. 

Kolkata screenings: Emami Art

This screening had artist Leena Kejriwal interacting with the art and filmmaking community along with Hasina Kharbhih, at a beautiful contemporary art venue in Kolkata with Miriam moderating the session to bring out their journey as women working in the anti trafficking space.